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PostSubject: Plot2   Wed May 24, 2017 3:45 pm

In the decade and a half since Magneto revealed his powers and the existence of mutants there have been confrontations and skirmishes between his Brotherhood of Mutants and Charles Xavier's X-Men.The publicity of the Brotherhood and the X-Men has lead to divided opinions from humanity. The X-Men are alternately seen as heroes, vigilantes, and possible threats.

There has been a swelling of anti-mutant sentiment in the political arena, but this has been too slow for certain alt-right "humans first" groups such as the Friends of Humanity and the Purifiers.

It is this world on edge that needs your characters. Will they be a hero and strive to protect others? Will they be a villain or freedom fighter, attempting to bring down human civilization? Or will they simply want to keep their head down and do their own thing, hoping this all blows over and cooler heads prevail? Only you can decide.

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